Cadence recognises that whether you are an entrepreneur, an industrial corporation or an NGO, there is a growing need to train for resilience and crisis management. Cadence provides that expertise.

With a strong track record in solving defence problems, Cadence consultants have a unique skill set for running workshops and simulation exercises to make your teams reach their full potential.

Through rehearsal, practice and instigating key processes and procedures, we will improve your organisation’s resilience, adding energy and direction to staff and teams.

Realistic scenarios

Cadence has a large group of experienced role-players, interpreters, in-country specialists and subject matter experts to heighten the realism of the scenarios we create. These exercises are followed by the opportunity to review the actions taken and lessons learnt.

Cadence’s high level experience draws on its legacy of training in the military and its continuing support of NATO personnel on large, high-pressure training events. Furthermore, we provide coaching, mentoring and the chance to train individuals from all nations to work in an English-speaking operational/training environment.

Continuous collaboration

Cadence will collaborate with your organisation from the outset to understand what you require from the learning exercises. During the initial phase our consultants can suggest and demonstrate courses of action to enhance your decision-making cycle, prior to defining training objectives, and understanding the training audience requirements.

With our ‘through life’ assistance you can be confident that Cadence will engage with your staff at every step of the knowledge transfer, providing continuity right through to delivery and execution.