Third Sector Consultancy

As the international economy changes and the arrangement of societies around the world continues to shift, Cadence recognises the increasing need for organisations to develop resilience and effective crisis management.

Cadence operates a modern, cost-effective management consultancy that combines military-grade planning with training for ‘soft skills’ to improve an organisation’s abilities in management and leadership.

International development

Cadence supports its third-sector clients through a programme of international development training and consulting. Our resourceful and security-vetted personnel advise on policies and strategies using organisational skills drawn from military disciplines and experience. Cadence consultants can advise on how to enhance institutional structures as well as suggest improvements to management skills, human resources and training arrangements.

Planning and monitoring

Flexible to the task or situation, Cadence’s highly motivated consultants are quick to understand and engage with your institution’s requirements. We solve problems by taking the necessary time to understand the detail of policy, write new policies and explain our recommendations.

We develop internal information and monitoring tools, linked to forward planning, so that you can monitor performance throughout the process. These strategic-planning and continued-learning methods help senior staff to determine and fine-tune their primary goals.

Cadence supports projects focused on governance, economic growth and institutional reform. Our goal within the third sector is to deliver a professional consultancy service that delivers visible impact, value and lasting change in countries most at risk from economic, political and environmental factors.