Risk Management

Cadence is a risk management consultancy firm providing a wide range of assistance to commercial companies, not-for-profit organisations and the public sector. We help clients by identifying and minimising risks that have a direct impact on their organisation.

Cadence’s solutions apply to areas such as personnel, operations and management. They are targeted to identify the causes of risk – whether they are social, political or economic – so that operational staff are made aware of potential problems.

International protection

Drawing on our experience giving direct assistance to NATO worldwide, Cadence consultants have the expertise to assess vulnerabilities, analyse the risk to your assets and identify the best ways to reduce those threats.

Cadence has a network of international personnel that can work closely with organisations, spending the necessary time to make risk-reduction measures an integral and ongoing part of your processes.

Flexible framework

Cadence supports major programmes in the international development arena that help clients recognise risks in high-threat environments. Our specialist solutions for commercial, public sector and third sector organisations range from implementing counter-terrorism measures to assessing security force capability.

Cadence’s risk management advice is tailored to specific situations, which is crucial when working in complex or fast-changing environments. Our consultants develop suitable strategies and contingency operations for reducing risk, including training to strengthen security, law enforcement and social stability in some of the world’s most volatile regions.