Public Sector Consultancy

Cadence helps its clients meet their future goals, mitigate the risks caused by staff shortages, and achieve operational agility and resilience within the organisation.

Problem solving

In the wider public sector there is a substantial requirement for trustworthy operators who work well under pressure and enable institutions to seize opportunities. A large number of Cadence consultants developed their problem-solving expertise by working for, or alongside NATO in planning operations and exercises.

Cadence’s unique insight into strategy, operations and technology stems from its experience assisting military staff and NGOs to analyse their training needs, implementing inter-agency cooperation and product development.

Security consultancy

Cadence offers its specialised security consultancy to organisations around the world. Our main focus is on ‘soft skills’ such as interpersonal relations and training staff to fulfil tasks that often have to be carried out in hostile territories.

By aiming to embed our staff into organisations for long periods, Cadence provides continuity in support. We can deliver coaching and mentoring, detailed planners, ex-military subject-matter experts, international role-players and interpreters to enact simulation training.

Defence consultancy

Cadence’s defence consultancy services are focused on NATO to support the training of personnel deployed to Afghanistan and other sites worldwide. Cadence supplies consultants to plan, write and deliver scenarios to test units and troops, as well as aiding staff in military headquarters. Our pool of specialist consultants (in-country advisors, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior advisors and interpreters) bring the subject-matter expertise required by today’s multinational and multilayered training events.