Private Sector Consultancy

Cadence consultants bring a broad range of industry intelligence and a deep understanding of best practices in management and leadership to the private sector. Accordingly, we help transform the performance of your company, adding value to processes and procedures.

Cadence conducts detailed analysis to identify existing organisational problems and develop a credible problem-solving plan. Our consultancy encompasses the following areas:

Organisational change management

Cadence looks at the culture of your company and its people. Our team is then able to prepare a set of flexible communications programmes to help bring about the required changes in the most effective way.

Development of coaching skills

Using coaching and mentoring techniques, Cadence engages with key stakeholders to assist personnel during changes to Standard Operating Procedures and to communicate the benefits of new strategies, processes or technology.

Process analysis

Our systematic approach identifies what adjustments are necessary to improve your organisational performance. These can include adjustments to processes or the workforce.

Technology implementation

Cadence’s security-cleared experts will recommend upgrades to your organisation’s IT infrastructure, including data management improvements, information knowledge management (IKM), and build stronger defences against the escalating threat of cyber-attack.

Strategy development

Cadence can work with you to improve business output while optimising the cost of your key processes. We apply performance metrics to assist managers to track operational and financial efficiency.

Operations management

Cadence’s task-focused professionals engage with team leaders to demonstrate the best methods to allocate and monitor resources, including large-scale logistics. Our goal is to help you keep your strategic vision on course.