Crisis Management

The economic and sociopolitical makeup of our planet is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable. Even organisations with a solid risk management plan to anticipate known threats are often ill-prepared for a sudden, unexpected crisis.

Cadence Consultancy helps organisations to address this vulnerability by using a modern approach to crisis management, backed up with years of experience supporting NATO staff to train for some of the most hazardous environments in the world.

Simulation skill set

Cadence’s track record in military planning means that our consultants have a unique crisis management skill set based on simulation training methods in which our personnel develop realistic tests for military units. Beyond the armed forces, there is a growing need for public or private sector organisations and NGOs of all types to be ready for worst-case scenarios that pose a danger to their physical security, financial stability or their business reputation.

Quick response

Effective crisis management involves training important team members in predictive problem-solving so they can anticipate serious challenges and respond quickly. Working alongside your staff, Cadence consultants are flexible to each task or situation. We can also bring in subject-matter experts to bridge key personnel gaps in your organisation and rescue failing projects.

Cadence’s training-based approach enables your organisation to develop better insights into plausible threats to your business. Your staff will then understand how to improve their decision-making skills to minimise the negative impacts of crisis events before critical damage is done.