CADENCE Support to Joint Force Command Brunssum Security Force Assistance Seminar

natoSecurity Sector Reform

In both Dec 2019 and Oct 2020 , CADENCE delivered support to the NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum Security Force Assistance Seminar. CADENCE were contracted to host and deliver the practical phase of the seminar using vignette-based, facilitated sessions delivered by a team of CADENCE SFA subject matter experts. Having provided integral support to the development of the current training model for ‘how’ NATO trains personnel deploying in support of Security Sector Reform / Security Force Assistance missions (Iraq / Afghanistan), CADENCE were able to provide up-to-date, relevant and recognised expertise across the advisor, mentor and SFA planning domains. In Oct 2020, CADENCE provided support to the delivery of an online/remote SFA Seminar due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Case Study Details:

Client: NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum

Location: Brunssum, Holland

Project Skills: Security Force Assistance / Security Sector Reform Training