CADENCE support to Exercises Steadfast Pyramid and Pinnacle 2018, Riga, Latvia

Public Sector Consultancy

Exercises Steadfast Pyramid and Pinnacle 2018 (STPDPE18) are designed to further develop the abilities of senior officers newly assigned to NATO, who have been selected to assume command or staff appointments within NATO Command Structure (NCS) and the NATO Force Structure (NFS) – to lead operations planning and execution. Both annual exercises are based on a challenging, complex operational scenario designed to promote flexibility of thought and action within the framework of MC 0133/4 and the Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD), utilizing a scenario, and process-driven, study seminar conducted within the context of a Collective Defence situation. CADENCE provided their permanent scenario team, as well as an uplift team of specialist Strategic and International Organisation/Non-Governmental Organisation subject matter experts to support the three-week exercise at Latvia’s National Defence Academy in Riga.

Case Study Details:

Client: NATO Joint Force Training Centre

Location: Riga, Latvia

Project Skills: Scenario-based Table Top Exercise