CADENCE support CARE International ‘Race to Respond’ Event

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On 6 Jul 2019, CADENCE / Crown Media supported CARE International in designing and coordinating a large-scale event termed: ‘Race to Respond’. Based on the experiences of humanitarian workers in real emergency situations, the event simulated the real-life challenges that CARE’s aid workers face when responding to emergencies across the globe. Developed by CADENCE, a new scenario termed: ‘TRAKUTA’ provided a setting backdrop for the wider event – a setting based on a humanitarian disaster response. CADENCE / Crown Media provided a team of 32 for the event to include: facilitators, scenario writers, role-players, a media team, and safety staff. We were honoured to be contracted to support the work of this Non-Governmental Organisation and look forward to future events and exercise support.


Case Study Details:

Client: CARE International

Location: Buckingham, United Kingdom

Project Skills: Facilitation, Scenario Development, Role-Play