CADENCE Security Sector Reform / Security Force Assistance Training

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At CADENCE, we understand the challenges international organisations face bringing stability to developing nations. Our two-week Security Force Assistance (SFA) mission orientation, training and consultancy package – elements of which we continue to deliver to Afghanistan Resolute Support Mission (RSM) leaders, staff and advisors – has been purpose-built to address these challenges. Ranging from lessons in fundamental principles of Security Sector Reform, to role-played advisory simulations and group exercises, our proven, bespoke training fast-tracks mission comprehension, maintains continuity and mitigates the effects of organisational turnover. The CADENCE SFA training team draws on theatre-specific expertise and organisational insight accumulated over almost two decades operating, advising and consulting in Afghanistan. CADENCE continue to offer this training to NATO’s Joint Force Training Centre in support of NATO personnel deploying to Afghanistan.

Case Study Details:

Client: Joint Force Training Centre / Resolute Support HQ

Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland

Project Skills: MEL MIL, Scripting, Scenario support, NATO consultancy, Role Play