Cadence Consultancy delivers bespoke, professional advice and training on management, security, defence and international development in an increasingly complex and volatile global environment.

Cadence recognises that consultancy must focus on the three Ps: the Process, the Product and the People. We supply highly motivated consultants who quickly understand the requirements and work alongside clients to assist on project, planning and implementation teams. Cadence can collaborate to fill management or staffing shortfalls and provide continuity through long-term support.

Cadence benefits organisations in the following areas:

  • Adds value by transferring knowledge
  • Delivers advice and assistance
  • Assists in achieving organisational purposes and objectives
  • Solves exercise and training problems
  • Enhances client-learning
  • Implements changes
  • Identifies new opportunities for clients

Strong leadership

After serving in the British Armed Forces for a number of years, a group of freelance advisors joined to form the Cadence Consultancy. This military background means that our consultants have a deep understanding of management and leadership. They are experts in strategic planning, developing training exercises, problem solving and working under pressure, often in hostile conditions.

Cadence’s unique skill set comes from interpersonal coaching and mentoring, using subject-matter experts, role-players and interpreters to enhance the realism of international training scenarios.

As the world faces an uncertain financial and geopolitical future, Cadence firmly believes that its task-focused professionals can help build resilience, avoid serious risks to your business and manage crisis situations in the most cost-effective way.